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    We  pay attention to every details which makes our products more perfect.


    (1) To select the suitable model for client.

    (2) Design the best flow chart and solution

    (3) Design and manufacture our equipments according to the special requirements of client.

    (4) Assign the technical expert to install the equipment for client.

    (5) Field training for operators.

    (6) Supply clients with spare parts timely and conveniently.

    (7)Repair in time broken-down equipment

    Enterprise tenet: Honest first, quality foremost,Customers right forever.

    Operation belief: Establishment of Kowloon brand and satisfaction of users are our persistent pursuit.

    Service tenet: Responsible for every procedure; responsible for every machine; responsible for every customer.

    Service theory: Regards quality as life and customers as God. Customers’ satisfaction is our persistent goal,We will do our best to get your satisfaction. We firmly believe that we can get sincere repay with our sincere dedication.

    1. Respect the facts and face the reality of the problems that customers meet , help customers to solve the problems with the fastest speed. Never use excuse to put off till tomorrow what maybe done today. Our company will bear relevant responsibility expense with invoices and proof that take back to the company for reimbursement, and try to reduce to a minimum loss for customers.


    2. No matter how simple the equipment is,For customers, It is novelty and unfamiliar with operating applications , especially the parts of disassembly and replacement is illiterate when some malfunctions happened. For problems in actual work need our service team treat seriously, explain patiently and carefully and make a right demonstration. Especially for key parts and damageable parts need repeated assembly and disassembly for customers to distinguish understand the principles and techniques gradually,treating the general malfunction of replace and maintain parts in future.


    3. Encounter the problem that you really can not solve, immediately contact the company please. Our company members will go to esteemed company as quickly as we can and unconditional service free of charge, this is a major commitment and redemption the service team to customers, sparing no effort to eliminate worries in long-term use.


    4. The regularly sevice rmembers must register the current usage conditions of equipment and feedback the information for sales department to make comprehensive and coordinating arrangement.


    5. Regularly service team members go any place just for work,especially in order to supervise the company's after-sales service whether  carried out well and implement into practice or not, ensuring our company ‘s normal operation and customers ’s normal production.


    7. We should initiative inform the customer the special security operation, normal usage, regular repair and maintenance of the equipment during the use time, to ensure the normal and well operation.



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